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Like the hub of a wheel or the nucleus of a molecule, as Professional Project Manager you reside at the centre of the picture. If you happen to work in an organization that does not recognize this fact, I suggest you refer to the Project Manager's Bill of Rights, Responsibility and Accountability (on the Human Resource page) and RACI (all 3 of these links are on this website) and have a meaningful conversation with your boss or sponsor.


I have used versions of this molecule model in many project environments and always found it useful for expressing the role of project manager (PM). This particular version is suited to a PM in municipal government. The molecule model works equally well to describe the flow of communications and the flow of accountability.


In many cases the linked ovals represent other departments in your organization with their own formal structure. That formal structure does not change. However, in a project environment, a temporary accountability and communication structure must be established linked to you, the Project Manager, as the molecule illustrates.

Project Steps

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