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Now you have your Project Management Team and each Team Member has a Job Description for their part in your project.

The RACI Chart is a perfect tool for listing and reporting who is responsible, who is accountable, who is to be consulted, and who just needs to be kept informed.



    Responsibility means the obligation to carry out the assigned duties.


    Accountability means being answerable for the actions taken and the results.                      A person should not be held accountable without being given the

                   needed Authority.

    Authority means the right (power) to apply resources, make decisions, give

                   approvals, and issue orders.

Consult on a RACI Chart means the people to be asked, before proceeding.

Informed on a RACI Chart means the people who you just have to let them know

                    what is going on.

This video is a good one. It goes fast, so you might want to pause it now and again. Please recall our videos load better in Firefox than in Windows Explorer.

Project Steps

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RACI explained its simple yet powerful - YouTube
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The video gives some things to watch for in your RACI Chart.  They are:

               1. Only one A per Activity; but every Activity must have one A

               2. Too many R's for an Activity and people might be getting in each

                   others' way. Need at least one R to get the Activity done.

               3. Too many C's and the risk of paralysis by analysis; too much talk and

                    not enough action. No C's might indicate a lack of team input or lack of



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