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Welcome to this site. My name is Ray Cruickshank and I am a professional project and program manager who has completed well over 1500 projects ranging from several thousand to multi-million dollar budgets.

I have had the opportunity to manage industrial projects in manufacturing and processing, healthcare projects in hospital and personal care home settings, building structure projects including repurposing core neighbourhoods, federal government maximum security projects, and municipal infrastructure projects, to name a few.


Starting as a specification writer, then moving into design I began to see project managers at work. When offered the opportunity to become a project manager I didn't have to be asked twice. Eventually I was offered manager of the engineering department working for a large international corporation. My shift to operations and maintenance provided the viewpoint of those who benefit from good project management, and I became a vice president for western North America. All the while I retained responsibility for project and program management.

Over the years as a PM practitioner I discovered that learning from others was much more enjoyable than learning from my mistakes! Armed with having made enough mistakes and some excellent PM education along the way, I started a company, authored and successfully delivered Project Management Seminar/ Workshops through community colleges, across western Canada and conducted customized workshops for private and public sectors. Class participants used my workshops as the educational component for PMP qualifications.


As amazing as it might seem, our class rooms consisted of project managers from every conceivable type of project. We heard the same problems and the same concerns from our students regardless of where in the world they were practicing and regardless of what sector they were serving. I saw first hand that project managers can help each other regardless of the specifics of the projects they are working on.

In a sincere desire to help other people, I have committed to develop this web site. I continue to practice project and program management. It is a life long learning experience.


Ray Cruickshank, BScME, P.Eng., PMP

Need help? You can e-mail me at:

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