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As Project Managers we have a Bill of Rights. This is not a new idea. All civilized organizations have some rules of conduct, and this Bill of Rights gives us the authority to be effective in managing projects.




An important member of the Project Team who is very influential in the success of your project is your Project Sponsor.


Sponsor: A person, or group, who provides resources and support for the project, and is accountable for success.

  • The Sponsor is usually the internal client representative, but may be external to the project management organization, and represents those who will benefit from the Project Objective.

  • The Sponsor leads the project through the Initiating process until formally authorized and plays a significant role in development of the initial Scope and Charter. For issues beyond control of the Project Manager, the Sponsor serves as an escalation path.


It is the responsibility of the Project Sponsor to:


   1.  Select and guide, or change, the Project
        Manager, to achieve project goals.
   2.  Hold the PM accountable for fulfilling the project goals
   3.  Support the PM in obtaining resources and tools needed to conduct the project.
   4.  Support the PM in his / her role of leading the project team.
   5.  Require regular status briefings and design reviews, and pass pertinent  
        information up the line.
   6.  Advise the PM on conditions likely to cause project risks; and
  7. Be an advocate for the PM and the project team.
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