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Stakeholder Categories

Categories of Stakeholders in your project might include:

  • Sponsors, Customers, Clients/Market

  • Project Team Members

  • Financial Stakeholders

  • Other Stakeholders in Your Organization

  • Consultants

  • Contractor

  • Government, regulators

Power Interest Grid

Stakeholder Classification: Power-Interest

Just click on the Word icon above to open and save your editable template. Click 'enable editing' for better view.

The first video, below, describes the Power Interest Grid. The second video uses Impact and Support.


Think of Impact and Power as being the same. This is sometimes called Influence.

Interest can come with lots of positive Support; but can also come with no support for your project (or even negative support!)

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Channel 1
1-Stakeholder Analysis Video  Stakeholder Management and Power Interest Grid Example - YouTube
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2-Stakeholder Analysis Grid - YouTube
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The Power Interest Grid allows you to work on Stakeholder Expectations and Stakeholder Requirements. After completing the P-I Grid you will be able to establish the best Engagement Strategy for each Stakeholder.


Classify your Stakeholders using the Power-Interest Grid.

Then enter the classifications on your Stakeholder Register

  • High Power and High Interest: Manage Closely. Classification A

  • High Power and Low Interest: Keep Satisfied. Classification B

  • Low Power and High Interest: Keep Informed. Classification C

  • Low Power and Low Interest: Monitor them for any changes. Classification D

It is a good idea to update the Power-Interest Grid from time to time because people's opinions and attitudes can change over the lifetime of your project.

Project Steps

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