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Safety is widely recognized as the highest priority in most endeavors. Managing Safety well is vitally important to the success of your project.


Every team member has a responsibility for safety. However, the Project Manager has government legislated responsibilities for the safety of project stakeholders.


How can we effectively manage Safety?

The topic of Safety can be managed the same as Risk, in that we want to prevent undesirable things from happening and are prepared to take steps to do so.


The processes needed for good Safety Risk Management are, in this order:
   1. Plan Safety Management
   2. Identify the Safety Risks
   3. Qualify the Safety Risks
   4. Quantify the Safety Risks
   5. Plan Safety Risk Responses
   6. Implement Safety Risk Responses
   7. Monitor Safety Risks

The Cooperative research Centre, Australia, has published "Guide to Best Practice for Safer Construction: Principles". While aimed at the construction industry, these 6 principles are applicable to all projects.


Safety is a specialized topic. For projects having significant safety risks, you should engage a safety professional on your project team. Make your motto: "Everyone gets home safely."

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