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TIPS  to  Monitor &  Control

                   PHYSICAL RESOURCES


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Physical Resource: Equipment, Materials, Supplies, Facilities, and Infrastructure that are utilized by your project, or become a part of your project deliverable.


To monitor and control Physical Resources involves:


  • ensuring the Physical Resources assigned and allocated to your project (as described in your Resource Management Plan) are available as planned

  • monitoring the planned Vs actual utilization of these resources and taking corrective action as necessary. 



    1.  Physical Resource inspection is always assessed against the Resource

         Management Plan (RMP). Keep this handy and available.

    2. You will want to check that the Physical Resources are:


  • still available, then acquired, when planned to be. Look at your Resource Calendar.

  • released from the project according to the plan

  • not in shortage/surplus. Shortages will usually slow down your

       project. Surpluses will usually add cost

  • costing the amount expectedIf those expenditures are tracking higher than

      planned, you might be able to make other changes to get the Cost back on

      track. Refer to project Budget.





Physical Resources, especially rentals, can be very expensive and quickly have a negative impact on Cost.

   > If acquisition or release is not following the plan, you must take corrective action

       to get back on track.

    > Corrective action for Physical Resources might require an adjustment

        elsewhere in your project. For example, you might decide to pay overtime

        wages to get rentals returned sooner. Calculate the cost of such trade-offs

        when considering alternate solutions.


Controlling Physical Resources should be done continuously throughout your project. When changes to the plan are required, manage those changes to ensure you obtain the desired outcome.


Remember to advise the appropriate Stakeholders of Physical Resource issues.

Your Physical Resources may include 'rentals' and often rentals are charged by the operating hour rather than the number of calendar days gone by. Materials and supplies can include consumables (such as welding rods and gases) used over a period of time. In this way, Physical Resources can be plotted on a Running Total graph. Click the link below for more information. 

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