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TIPS  to  Monitor &  Control

                   HUMAN RESOURCES (HR)

Project Team: A set of individuals who support the Project Manager in performing the work of the project to achieve its objectives. This team is a sub-set of the Stakeholders. 


Project Management Team: This team is a sub-set of the project team, consisting of the members of the project team who are directly involved in project management activities. These are the do-ers on your team.


To monitor and control the Human Resources involves:


  • ensuring the people who are assigned and allocated to your project (your Project Management Team, as described in your  HR Management Plan) are available as planned

  • monitoring the planned Vs actual utilization of these people and taking corrective action as necessary. 



  1. HR inspection is always assessed against the Human Resources Plan. Keep this handy and available.

   2. You will want to check if the assigned Human Resources are:

  • still available, then acquired, when planned to be. Refer to Project Schedule

  • released from the Project Management Team according the plan

  • not in shortage/surplus. Shortages will usually slow down         your  project. Surpluses will usually add cost

  • costing the amount expected. If those expenditures are tracking higher than        planned, you might be able to make other changes to get the Cost back on     track. Refer to project Budget.

  • bringing the required skill set

  • fulfilling their assigned duty obligations (responsibilities)

  • following the lines of project authority

   3.  In monitoring the Human Resources you should also:

            a) check the Issue Log to see if the number of issues is increasing and/or if

                the issues are becoming more severe.

            b) check the Safety data to see if the statistics are increasing or the 

                incidents are becoming more severe (frequency and severity) 



Human Resources, can be very difficult to control and can quickly have a negative impact on most other aspects of your project.

As a first approach, consider a one-to-one conversation with the Project Team Member. Explain your concerns and work toward a resolution. This is where your interpersonal skills, especially negotiation and influencing will be critical for success.

If this approach does not provide satisfactory results, find out who has the authority in your organization for this person and ask for their help to solve the problem. This might require going to a Project Team Member's supervisor, but you need to be comfortable doing that; for the benefit of your other team members, and of your project.


In addition: 

   > If HR acquisition or release is not following the plan, you must take corrective

       action to get back on track.

    > Corrective action for Human Resources might require an adjustment elsewhere

        in your project. For example, you might decide to pay overtime wages to get

        Team Members released from your project  sooner. Calculate the cost of such

         trade-offs when considering alternate solutions.


Controlling Human Resources should be done continuously throughout your project. When changes to the plan are required, manage those changes to ensure you obtain the desired outcome.


Remember to advise the appropriate Stakeholders about Human Resource issues.

One commonly measured variable in HR management is the number of hours spent by a person or group of people. 'Hours spent' lends itself nicely to a Running Total graph. Click the link below for more information.

Click Here for more information on Monitoring & Controlling

Human Resources against Time (Running Total)

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