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A checklist is one of the best friends a Professional Project Manager can have. Even when you are trying to juggle multiple tasks at once, that trusty checklist never forgets!


When learning to fly an aeroplane I learned that every commercial airline pilot has a written checklist which is methodically followed on every flight. Even though the pilot has flown the same plane 100 times before, to the same destination, he/she follows the checklist and checks off one item at a time. As a passenger, I am glad they do!

As a junior Project Manager I started my own checklist. It began as a list of things I had forgotten. Then I added things I wanted to be sure to remember. From time to time I would forget something, so that item would get added to my list. Eventually I had a pretty long list! Later on, when I was able to hire junior PM's, I gave them my checklist and said, "Follow this and and make it your own."

The checklist has another benefit, that being as a historical document. At some time you will be required to verify what you did. The completed checklist in your file provides evidence that you performed certain tasks. Very nice to have!

     CHECKLIST for CONTRACTS (Keep this handy)

  • Contract Type and Category

  • Organization name of Buyer

  • Organization name of Seller

  • Procurement Scope of Work

  • Schedule baseline

  • Delivery dates

  • Location of work

  • Methodology

  • Roles and responsibilities

  • List of sub-contractors

  • Pricing

  • Taxes

  • Freight

  • Currency exchange

  • Duty

  • Terms of payment

  • Inspection milestones

  • Acceptance criteria

  • Warranty

  • After-sales support

  • Insurance and performance bonds

  • Safety certificate

  • Process for handling Change Orders

  • Termination clause

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