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WELCOME to PMEducation


This site provides a step-by-step, easy to learn, and practical approach to managing every project, from conception to completion.


The principle steps of Project Management are found on the vertical pictorial list, at right.

Follow these steps, in order, for a successful project.



Or, Click on any link to discover a wealth of information to help you manage your project.




Simple, useful tools and tips are given to you. For every size of project, these methods and tools are tried and true!

It doesn't matter if your project is construction, Information Technology, fund raising, event planning, building a business, rearranging space, setting up a new way of doing things, upgrading, private sector, public sector, for profit, non-profit, or something else........  this site is for you. Go ahead, check out the topics

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You can bookmark any page for later reference. We have aimed to make this site user friendly.

Most people work on projects everyday.  What makes a Professional Project Manager (PPM)?

Follow these steps, in order, for a successful project.

Project Steps

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